How Our Phoenix Property Management Company Keeps Properties Occupied

How Our Phoenix Property Management Company Keeps Properties Occupied

When you own rental property, it is important that you find the right tenants to help keep your properties generating money. Finding tenants in a competitive rental market, such as Phoenix, takes a lot of work. However, by hiring our Phoenix property management company, Simply Property Management, you don't have to do any of the work involving tenant placement. Our company does that work for you.

Types of Tenant Placement Services

Part of our responsibility in managing your property is to find tenants to occupy the rental homes you own. We use several different methods to find tenants and match them to the listings we have available. Some of the ways we find tenants include:

  • Internet Ads
  • Open Houses
  • Signage
  • Multiple Listing Services

Internet Ads

To help find tenants who need to rent a property, our property management company puts ads online offering available rental properties for our clients. We also maintain a company website that shows pictures of the listings with a brief description of the property and our contact information. When people need to find a new rental property, they generally go online to save time.

By maintaining an online presence, prospective tenants can find the properties we manage and contact us about them. Our website helps us to quickly find new tenants for your properties.

Open Houses

Simply Property Management regularly holds open houses for the properties that are available for rent. Prospective tenants like to go to open houses to inspect properties and narrow down their selections before contacting the Phoenix property management company offering the listing. Even if they are not currently in the market, many people like attending open houses to get remodeling ideas for their home. In turn, they may tell people, they know looking for a rental property about the listing.


Research shows that displaying a "for rent" or "for sale" sign is still an effective way to advertise a property. We place signs in front of our listings that are currently available for rent and in front of properties that will soon be available. By displaying a sign, we can find prospective tenants to rent the property immediately after the current tenant moves out so there is no lag in rental income for you or us.

Multiple Listing Services

We list our properties with local real estate brokers who have clients desiring rental properties. They can help us get our listings out to people who may be moving into Phoenix for a job relocation or may need a larger home to expand their families. This is a good way for us to find tenants to occupy your properties and help you keep making rental income.