creative ways to donate your Halloween haul

3 creative ways to donate your Halloween haul

Goodbye October, Hello November! It’s hard to believe that the ghosts and goblins of Halloween are over and we’re already being greeted by Thanksgiving turkey coupons and Christmas décor in the stores. So what is one to do with all those ghastly Halloween decorations, costumes and left over candy? Why not donate it! Here are 3 creative ways to donate your Halloween haul.

1.) Adios candy: Don’t want a bunch of left over candy causing your kiddos cavities and adding extra weight before the holidays? You can send your candy to the troops! Many dental offices in Arizona participate in post-Halloween candy buybacks by collecting candy from kids and trading it for some sort of prize or dental items. Donated sweets are then sent to organizations such as Operation Gratitude or Operation Shoebox and the candy is sent in care packages for U.S. soldiers in harm's way.

2.) So long costumes: You can let your costumes collect dust in the back of your closet in the hopes someone will have a costume themed Christmas party or you can donate your gently-used Halloween costumes to a local to Goodwill or Salvation Army. A portion of their costume sales help fund job training programs and other community-based programs. You can also donate costumes toHalloween Helpers, a non-profit that collects previously-enjoyed, gently-used Halloween costumes and donates them to children who may not typically be able to participate in this yearly celebration. 

3.) Soup kitchen smiles: Consider donating unopened goodies to a local soup kitchen, homeless shelter, food pantry, or retirement home. Many take donations of unopened candy for residents and guests. It's worth calling to find out if they accept treats, which your kids can deliver with a note and a non-cavity-filled smile.

Why should Thanksgiving and Christmas get all the attention as the “giving back holidays?” This is a great time to teach children and adults alike that even in times of great indulgence, they can always find ways to give back. – Greg

Greg Paielli

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