Top 5 mistakes keeping you from renting a place

Top 5 mistakes keeping you from renting a place

mistakes keeping you from rentingDo you find you’re having trouble every time you try to rent a home in Phoenix? Phoenix property managers look for more than just a steady income when doing their background check. When screening potential tenants, a slew of information comes up that could be hurting your chances of landing a Phoenix rental home that you didn’t even know about. Here’s a list of the top 5 mistakes keeping you from renting a place.

1.) Evictions: If Phoenix property managers and landlords see prior evictions on your rental background check, they may choose to turn down your application.

2.) Unpaid balances: Still owe your previous landlord or apartment complex rent or security deposit costs? Unpaid balances can hurt your chances on securing a home for rent in Phoenix.

3.) Convictions: Depending on the Phoenix property management company’s requirements, anything from misdemeanors to felonies can cause your application to be denied.

4.) Insufficient income: The rule of thumb for most rental application standards is that potential tenants need to be making 2.5 times the monthly rent. So if you want a place that’s $900 a month, your gross income should be at least $2250 a month.

5.) Credit score: Having a low credit score can impact your chances of getting a rental. For most Phoenix property managers, a credit score beneath 520 can dent your chances of renting or could require extra security deposit requirements.

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