Top 3 Ways to Save on Cooling Costs this Summer

May is the unofficial starting season of summer in Arizona and as a result, both residents and their utility bills are already starting to feel the burn. Unsurprisingly, cooling accounts for forty percent of the energy consumption in the average Arizona home and easily fosters bills over $200 a month observes Phoenix property managers. Here are the top 3 ways tips to save on cooling costs this summer.

1.) Rule your thermostat: Programmable thermostats allow you to program the temperature in your home to increase by five to ten degrees while you're away and to return to a comfortable level an hour before you return. For every degree you set your thermostat above eighty degrees, you can save approximately two to three percent on cooling costs. Installing a programmable thermostat will not only save you time, but energy costs as well.

2.) Work your windows: Windows account for half of a home’s summer temperature increase. First, have your landlord or Phoenix property management company check windows for any hot air leaking in and seal them with caulk or weather stripping. If you have curtains close them on windows that receive direct sunlight. Looking for more protection? Ask your phoenix property manager about the possibility of installing sunscreens on the exterior of windows that receive direct sunlight to block sun from reaching the glass. Sunscreens can block as much as sixty to eighty percent of the sun’s heat from reaching the glass.

3.) Air out your filters: Phoenix property managers recommend replacing disposable air filters or clean permanent ones at least once a month to help save energy and increase the life of your cooling system. A dirty filter forces your equipment to work harder, causing higher energy bills.

Don’t let the triple digits of the Arizona summer burn your wallet. Try these top 3 ways to save on cooling costs this summer and you’ll have it made in the shade. – Greg

Greg Paielli

Simply Property Management – Paielli Realty, Inc.

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