3 Great Valentine’s Gifts for Your Home

February is the month of love and while most are spending money on chocolates, roses, and hot dates for their sweethearts, when’s the last time you wined and dined your home? It’s time to show some love to your abode, the sticks and bricks that keep you sheltered from the rain. Stop taking your home for granted and start giving it some tokens of true love. Here are 3 great valentine’s gifts for your home.

Gift #1: A Makeover

Get a jump start on your spring cleaning and give your house a cleaning makeover. Phoenix property managers recommend taking it slow and cleaning room to room. Always start with the room you spend the most time in. For most, that’s the kitchen. If you want this clean makeover to be a two for one deal, start with the pantry or the fridge and clean everything out. Clean off and wipe the shelves. Have non-perishable foods you no longer need? Donate them to your local food bank or church.  Have junk food you know you shouldn’t be eating anymore? Toss the bad stuff and replace it with healthy goodies. Then you not only have a sweet new pantry or fridge, but you’ll be more likely to eat better. A perfect gift for your home and your health.

Gift# 2: Turn up the Heat

Is there anything hotter than fire prevention? I’m kidding, but February really is a great time to sweep your home for fire hazards.Phoenix property management companies advise changing the filter in your heating system as thirty days is the longest you should wait, especially during peak usage months. Also, check the charge on your fire extinguisher and replace any questionable extinguishers in your home. A little preventive home maintenance goes a long way and can help ensure a long loving relationship with your home.

Gift #3: Flowers

Who doesn’t love getting flowers on Valentine’s Day? Mix it up and give your home some nice flowers instead. Lovely fresh or everlasting flowers in all your favorite rooms are a great way to add color, enhance the ambience, and boost your mood. Plants literally bring more life into your home and even improve the air quality. So you can breathe easy knowing your treating your home to such a sweet gift.

So the next time you see red and pink heart decorations at your favorite store or see promotions for countless Valentine’s gifts, remember to make your home your valentine too. For more tips from Phoenix property managers on Valentine’s gifts for your home or if you’re looking for a Phoenix rental home to fall in love with, please contact the Simply Property Management-Paielli Realty, Inc. Team today. Happy Valentine’s Day! - Greg

Greg Paielli

Simply Property Management – Paielli Realty, Inc.


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